It is one thing to be busy, but another to be productive.

There are many people who believe that being an early riser is the key to being successful, but is that really true? We all wake up, some of us a little more vibrant and energetic than others, why? Many studies have found that there are truly significant differences between individuals in the way their brains function completely dependent on whether they are, or are not, an early riser or a night owl.

Being aware of the time of day that you are most productive truly taps into your ability to maximize performance at work, and in all aspects of your life.

Retrain Your Mind And Body

  • Learn what time of day or night you are most productive and how to align your schedule to fit.

  • Learn how to optimize your patterns to be the most effective throughout your day.

  • Learn how bio-hacking can shift how your body and mind function.

Are you ready to discover when you are most productive and how to make the most of your day?

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Course Outline

  • 1
    Chapter 1 - Introduction
  • 2
    Chapter 2 - Discover
    • Discover When You Are Most Productive
  • 3
    Chapter 3 - Find your Groove
    • Find Your Groove
  • 4
    Chapter 4 - Productivity Biohack
    • Productivity Biohack - A message from your instructor
    • Early Mornings
    • Night Owl
    • Shift Work
  • 5
    Chapter 5 - Conclusion
    • Conclusion
    • Let us know what you think
  • Lisa Pitel-Killah

    Leadership Coach and Instructor

    Lisa Pitel-Killah

    Lisa is an Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Motivational speaker and Multi-time Kettlebell Sport World Champion. Lisa has a unique passion for guiding people to truly recognize their full potential. With over 27 years of leading teams she is an effective communicator, organizer and trainer. She has worked with businesses in many different industries, as well as National Teams of Amateur and Professional Athletes. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Commerce with specialization in Finance and Accounting.

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